Boys work.

“Laughter and silence – the two things our gorgeous boys need most from their mothers.”


Celia’s work in men’s prisons in New Zealand coupled with her experience raising a son have left her with a strong sense of the vulnerability of adolescent boys.

This vulnerability derives from their capacity to make split-second decisions, seemingly without any awareness of the potential consequences. Sadly for many young men, the split-second decisions they make lead them directly to the gates of a prison or, even worse, to an early death.
Celia’s interest lies in finding ways in which the adults in adolescent boys’ lives can enjoy their ‘gorgeous-ness’ to the greatest degree possible while at the same time giving them the boundaries and support they need.

He'll be ok - 10th Anniversary Edition and Downloadable MP3 of Celia's "Boys Talk"

Email to order. All profits go to the Celia Lashlie Trust to continue Celia's work.
The tenth anniversary edition of He’ll Be OK is also a fitting tribute to Celia’s work and to its timeless relevance. How do you raise boys to become good men in a world where trouble beckons at every turn? How do you make sure they learn the ‘right’ lessons, stay out of danger, to find a path to follow? How do you ensure they’ll be OK? 
This anniversary edition of Celia’s honest, no-nonsense book includes a foreword by Michael Thompson PhD, an American clinical psychologist and co-author of the best-selling Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys; an introduction by Celia’s own gorgeous boy, Gene Hyde; and a selection of summarised letters from parents for which Celia’s answers represent many of the concerns she dealt with during her years as a speaker and author. 
**You can buy a downloadable MP3 of one of Celia's 'Boys Talks' here. All profits go to the Celia Lashlie Trust to continue Celia's work **

The Importance of Laughter

There can be no doubt it is a challenging task to raise a boy in today’s world. It’s challenging to raise children, both boys and girls and those challenges present themselves in many different ways. In my view there is a specific challenge facing the women involved…

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Celia's Work

Parent/ Community Addresses

Celia regularly speaks at evening events organised by schools and/or community groups, the focus of the addresses being to help the adults involved in the lives of boys, mothers in particular, understand what it is the boys need (and don’t need) from us as they traverse the no-man’s-land that lies between the gateway from boyhood and the gateway into manhood

Professional Development Seminars

Seminars held with teachers, social workers and other frontline staff. The focus of the seminars is on making the connection between the way adolescent boys see the world and the power of teachers and others involved with boys to make a real and positive difference to their journey to manhood.
Celia’s insights will help explain the behaviour of boys in the classroom and raise the awareness of women about how they interact with boys. She will present some ideas about the impact of what she sees as boys’ pragmatism on the way they approach life.

Social/Corporate Responsibility

Too many of us think that the negative social statistics aren't our concern as they don't impact on us directly. One day they will. It could be your son, your brother or your father who is killed in an unprovoked attack by an angry young man.

We, the taxpayers are spending $100,000 per year per prisoner and that bill will continue to grow if we don’t make some real changes. 

Celia is committed to helping organisations and companies understand the part they can play in making a real difference to the economy and the future of all New Zealanders.

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Every child is born pure and filled with their own particular brand of magic.

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